Lessons From Integrated Live & Travel Social Summit

November has been a busy month here at Bluepost HQ from Black Friday preparation to 2017 planning. Nonetheless, we have still been able to squeeze in a few events across London, from catching up on the latest marketing innovations at Integrated Live to listening to a panel of online travel experts at We Are Social’s Travel Summit 2. So what did we learn? Well lucky for you, we’ve highlighted some of our key learnings below to help you get caught up:

Integrated Live


  1. Measuring consumer emotion

Sentiment analysis has been a highly discussed topic over the past few years in attempts to better understand brand perception. Does the customer care? How do they actually feel about the brand? There is no doubt that automated sentiment software for online data continues to improve, although it still struggles with conversational areas such as sarcasm and abbreviations. In order to better measure content effectiveness and brand perception, a developing trend has emerged in better understanding the softer side of emotion. Emotion can help in providing a greater understanding around actual human happiness, sadness, fear and well, the list goes on and on. When uncovering true emotion, marketers can begin to think more long-term about their brand and turn data in actionable intelligence.

  1. Understanding etiquette in online marketing

Just because you can post content online – should you? These were the main words for thought raised by Havas Media’s Rik Moore when discussing online content etiquette. Besides spamming your audience with continuous fluff and product jargon, we are reminded to deliver meaningful content for more sincere engagement. If brands can maintain a personal approach and avoid over-targeting, they will become more meaningful to their customers.

Travel Summit 2


  1. Understanding your audience and their social journey

It’s not enough anymore to just keep track of how many times your brand is being mentioned or how engaged a photo has become. Customers will come and go and unless we can begin to understand who they are socially, we will never quite understand the online customer. For example if you operate a hotel, you are sure to expect customer content involving excitement about an upcoming stay, perhaps a tag at your location upon arrival or maybe even credit given to hotel staff about an unexpected delight found in their room upon check-in? However, what happens when they leave the hotel? If they are on vacation, what sights do they see? What do they like to eat? If you can understand the customer’s social journey in and round your product/brand, you have a much higher success rate in attracting them back and better yet, more people like them.

  1. React, React, React!

In a market where online content continues to get more and more competitive, how can you stay relevant and continue to generate customer interest? A solution raised by Sonia Rosua-Clyne at Hotels.com: real-time marketing. Some of the most engaging 2016 content from within the travel industry and retail brands alike has come from quick, reactive content trending right then and there online. Did something funny happen at a recent awards show that related to your brand? Join in the conversation. Do you have an interesting insight on the recent Twitter trend that evolved on Tuesday morning? Tweet about it. Not only does this put a brand in the forefront of a trending topic and growing conversation online, it shows your audience that you are more than typical seasonal campaigns and promotions – that you are also social and interested in other areas of conversation just like your customers.

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