Our Approach

We call our approach Brand First Search

It represents a move beyond the prevailing SEO focus on non-brand keywords visibility – because we have learned that your brand keyword results are the starting point for sustainable search success.

Your brand keyword results are your shop window. By controlling these, you are protecting your brand reputation, improving conversions and creating a platform to build your non-brand visibility in the most effective way possible.



Our bespoke technology platform – X8 Insights – has been developed specifically to inform and measure the work we deliver.

We place value metrics against your brand presence in search – assessing opportunity and risk to inform the right action plan.



Natural search remains the most cost-effective source of visibility and traffic in the digital marketing mix.

Whether your priority is creating revenue-generating leads or protecting brand reputation – Brand First Search delivers compliant and sustainable results.



The process benefits of Brand First Search mean internal and supplier resources are more effectively measured for impact on brand and non-brand visibility.

We then work with you to connect and aggregate your resources for an improved return.

Our Work


Our Services

One of our goals as a business is that every client is happy to endorse that we truly understand their business requirements. This may seem an obvious statement but in natural search – where risk comes with opportunity – a relentless focus on what you need, as well as what you want, is crucial to delivering the right results.

Everything we deliver is underpinned by our proprietary technology – X8 Insights – which informs planning by clearly evaluating the value, risk and opportunity of your brand keyword space in natural search. Whether the brief is for a single rich content execution or delivering full natural search strategy – X8 Insights is used to provide data-verified recommendations.

Evaluation & Prescription


With X8 Insights as an analysis hub we provide analysis covering:

  • Brand Space – what is the current and potential value of your brand keyword space?
  • Non-brand Space –how visible are you in your priority keyword segments? Who is more visible than you and why?
  • Content Mix – are you producing the optimal mix of content to improve visibility?
  • Validation Signals – is your content generating social, media and user engagement signals?
  • Core SEO Compliance – what is the status of your link profile and is your website technically optimised?

This is just a starter list for the full range of analysis options when placing the brand first in your search strategy. The analysis outputs are followed by prescriptive planning so there is a clear action plan to improve performance.

Implementation & Transfer

settingsWe work with you to maximise all of your resources – internal and other supplier agencies – to ensure all relevant work is aligned and aggregated to positively impact your search visibility. Work areas include:

  • Content strategy
  • Onsite, social and blog copywriting
  • Rich media design and production
  • Content hub build
  • Social media amplification
  • Influencer and vertical media outreach
  • Technical optimisation
  • Link profile management
  • Process management – resource and measurement


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